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Mary-Francis Reed
Speech Therapist
Willow Regnery
Teacher, Grade 2
Omar Rifkin
Preschool Instructor
Ange Samuels
School Counselor
Colin Schlitt
Johanna Scutt
District Administrative Assistant
Kirsten Starsiak
Chief Business Official & Facilities Manager
Michelle Stephens
Interim Superintendent/Principal
Mark Tong
Information Technology
Anna Tosick
Teacher, Grade 5
Joy Von Thaer
Britton Walker
Resource Specialist
Angela Waring
Food Service Coordinator
Ilie Watterson
Assistant Principal & MathTeacher, Grade 6-8
Oliver Whitcroft
STEAM Enhanced Woodshop Specialist
Leah Wipff
Food Service Coordinator
Janis Yerington
Painting & Drawing Specialist